Cold Drink & Snack Vending

Provender® Rondo Snack or Cold Drink and Snack


This is the perfect solution for an environment that can't accomodate more than one machine. Can be set up as Snack only or Cold Drink and Snack Vending.

Machine Options:

- Selection of cold Drinks & Snacks or Snack only from leading brands
- Choice of healthier options ( please ask your local Franchise Owner for more information)



User friendly      - quick, simple and easy to use.
Refrigerated      - to keep refreshments cool.
Vend detection  - detects when a product hasn't been vended and vends another product.
Energy efficient - low energy consumption.
Easy payment   - accepts coins and notes and gives change - optional card reader(terms and conditions                                    may apply)





Suitable for:

A wide range of environments from offices and factories to schools and leisure centres.


Height: 1830mm
Width:    880mm
Depth:    890mm
Weight:   280kg


Provender<sup><small>®</small></sup> Rondo Snack or Cold Drink and Snack
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