Healthy Options

It's all about balance!

Get more out of your team with Provender's healthy, balanced snacks.

As New Zealand's leader in workplace revival, we recognised that unhealthy eating habits - such as "excessive" snacking on sugar and salt-filled foods, like lollies and chips - can not only lead to weight gain and longer term health concerns, but also surprising dips in energy once the short-term sugar or salt high disappears.


But people who eat regular meals and mainly healthy snacks are less likely to overeat and gain weight than those who skip meals and in turn 'indulge' on high energy snack foods to satisfy their hunger. Because people are more and more time poor, one in three people skip lunch.

According to ëWith proper portions and healthy food choices, snacking can enhance, rather than hurt your diet.'


Modern work environments are demanding on employees, which is why responsible employers recognise the need to add balance to their team's lives. By providing the right kinds of snack foods in the workplace, such as Provender's healthy and sensible snacking options, you'll not only get more productivity out of your team, they'll be more fulfilled, will have fewer health issues and sick leave will be minimised.