Provender has been keeping businesses revived since 1991

Provender NZ Ltd started life as Snack Systems (NZ) Ltd in 1991, by the joint Directors Philip Horrocks and Bernie Crosby. Operating as an honour vending business, we predominantly delivered Snack Boxes to businesses under the ‘Have A Snack!’ brand.

By June 1995 there were 22 Franchise Owners in a solid nationwide network, and by October 1999 we had 39 Franchise Owners in New Zealand and 20 in Australia. At the start of 2002 we had 54 franchise owners in New Zealand alone and by late 2005, were fast approaching 90 franchise owners.

No franchise in the Provender Franchise System has failed or been wound up, although franchises have had to sell through changes in personal circumstances. Market penetration has continued to grow, despite intensified competition from other snack and drink vending businesses.

These achievements are testimony to the inherent strength in the Provender Franchise System, effective operations, management, customer care and careful selection of Franchise Owners.

If you want to look at what could be an opportunity of a lifetime, talk to us about becoming a Provender Franchise Owner today. 

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