Vending Products

It's all about choice!

Provender gives you all the choice you want
from all the brands you know and love!

We have a great range of vending machine options and snack boxes that suit all types of environments. We stock leading brand names that you know, trust and love, including Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Pepsi, Schweppes, Fresh Up, Mountain Dew, Bluebird, Mars, Nestle, Gatorade, V, Red Bull... and more.

Our vending machines product ranges can include any combination of the snacks, indulgences and healthy option products that we stock, tailored to your specific requirements, including:

Cold Drinks
  • Juices, carbonated sodas, energy drinks, waters, sports drinks and more
Hot Drinks
  • Bean to cup fresh milk coffee machines, automatic coffee vending machines, ground plunger/filter coffee, hot chocolate, and more.
    INVIDIA® coffee is a great example of combining years of experience and passion with the finest Arabica coffee beans, sourced from the premium growing regions around the world. All our beans are carefully roasted fresh in New Zealand by expert roasters and taste-tested to ensure quality and consistency. The result is an exquisite, full-bodied coffee that will inspire and stimulate the tastebuds of the most discerning coffee drinker.
  • Big Bickies®
    Big Bickies® truly satisfies your hunger and is packed with more than a mouthful of flavour. They don't get any bigger or tastier than Big Bickies®!
  • Mighty Break
    Might Break is the little brother to Big Bickies. It packs all the taste into half the size.
  • Muesli bars, Nut bars and non-chocolate treat bars
Slices and Brownies
  • Brownie Points
    You can't fudge the taste of a perfect Brownie! Brownie Points have a delicious home baked flavour that is to die for.
Chips and Nuts
Chocolate bars
Mints and Chewing gum
Healthy Choices
  • Now Later
    At Provender, we support our customers who wish to adopt balanced and healthier snacking options in their workplaces. As well as supplying our Lifestyle-Balance® range, we encourage portion control to reduce total energy intake. So we introduced a new vending concept called " Now Later". This approach helps customers to regulate their snacking habits by not eating their entire snack at once. They could even consider sharing half with a friend. Click here to see our healthier options.


We're here to help you serve your staff and visitors, and to achieve a customised vending solution that delivers the right goods direct to your premises. Talk to us today.